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 Delray Beach Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

"Downtown Delray" is a popular evening spot for visitors and residents, with it's great restaurants, shops and nightlife. the Delray Beach Tennis center has also put Delray on the map.

 In 1903 hurricane winds wrecked the British ship, SS Inchulva, just off the beach. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling the wreck off Delray Beach is better in the calmer summer months.

Delray Beach has no inlet so most divers drive a little south to Pompano Beach for reef and wreck dive on a boat.

Drift Diving in Delray Beach

Drift Diving, also nicknamed "Valet Diving" is extremely popular. South Florida's reef tract is linear and the warm Gulfstream current flows parallel to the shoreline creating perfect drift diving conditions. Unlike many dive destinations that make you swim out and back to the boat, in South Florida we simply drop you in with a flag and you drift until you are ready to surface, then we pick you up.

Advantages to Drift Diving

  • Less stressful 
  • Explore more reef 
  • See more marine life
  • More bottom time
  • More Freedom

 Top Side Attractions

When you are done diving for the day check out some of Delray Beach's top side Attractions! 











Learn to Dive in Delray Beach

Vacationing in Delray Beach, but you're not a certified scuba diver yet? No problem.

Taking scuba lessons is quick and easy. Complete our online training program at home and in as little as two days while you are here you can complete all your water training. That leaves plenty of time to enjoy some extra diving.  Not big on computers, learn the traditional way with home study and classroom. We offer group and private lessons.

Learn to dive in Delray Beach with South Florida Diving Headquarters, the leader in diving education. Check out "Why Learn to dive with SFDH". 


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